TD Bank Robbery In Rye

City of Rye Police Department Photo courtesy of:
City of Rye Police Department
Photo courtesy of:

The City of Rye Police Department is investigating a bank robbery that occurred at TD Bank on 38 Purchase Street on Sunday, March 1, 2015.  A white male approximately 6 feet tall was wearing a black skull cap with a grey full length trench coat walked into the bank and handed the teller a typed note that demanded cash, according to the Rye City Police Department.

The suspect left the bank and walked to a municipal lot and a dye pack was activated.  Witnesses saw the “suspect” shaking out his clothes that were covered in “red powder”.  The suspect left the area in an older model four door vehicle that had a lot of rust on it.

Anyone who may have any additional  information is asked to con act the Rye Police Department Detective Division at 914-967-1234.

Possible Delayed Opening For Blind Brook Schools

Blind Brook Middle/High School Photo by: Pamela Stern
Blind Brook Middle/High School
Photo by: Pamela Stern

Blind Brook Schools Notice for Monday, March 2, 2015:

Due to the prediction of inclement weather for Monday, March 2nd, the potential exists for a two-hour delayed opening for all schools in the Blind Brook School District.  Should a decision for a delayed opening occur, it will be made and communicated by 6:00 AM on Monday morning. Notice of a delayed opening will be sent sooner if sufficient information is received.

Letter To The Editor: Official statement: Alarmed that the Rye teacher’s case is still open

Letter To The Editor
Letter To The Editor

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Dear Letter To The Editor:

Finally an official statement was made with regards to the reassignment case of Mrs. Mehler. The Journal News reported this week that the state Education Department’s Test Security Unit is alarmed that the case of the reassigned Rye teacher Carin Mehler has been open for almost two years. They had never had a set of charges open for so long and expressed amazement that no charges had been brought.

 Our Board stated in March 2014 that they acted in full compliance with state law and/or regulations throughout the teacher investigation matter. So how is it possible that our Board is not aware of the order of the process? Our Board points out that the case is still open because it is still open at state level. But the state’s Testing Integrity Unit will not take action until the district resolves the case! Very odd, especially as in February 2014 the Board stated that they work in close coordination with the state Education Department’s Office of Test Security and Educator Integrity.

 Our Board has also stated – in January 2014 and on several other occasions – that they are actively trying to resolve the matter. I was therefore astonished to read in The Journal News that the meeting on November 21st with Mrs. Mehler was initiated by the state! It was in this meeting that the Board demanded $25,000 for Mrs. Mehler’s return but refused to indicate what she did wrong. At least with this offer the Board acknowledges that there is indeed no harm in allowing Mrs. Mehler back in the classroom, but I believe such a demand is technically called extortion.

 Our district states that they continue to work in good faith and look forward to an appropriate resolution to the matter as soon as possible. With their $25,000 demand and these new facts I have completely lost faith in the intentions of our Board. Why is no one in the Board questioning the fundamental fairness of this case? In my opinion someone should be held accountable for extreme mismanagement, wasting our tax money (± $257,250 excluding legal fees) and for abuse of power.

 Go to the website and see for yourself how ridiculous it all is.

 Boukje van den Bosch-Smits

Inaccuracies In Journal News Article Of Rye’s Reassigned Teacher

Dr. Alvarez, Superintendent of Rye City School District
Dr. Alvarez, Superintendent of Rye City School District

At the Rye Board of Education meeting held on Tuesday evening, Superintendent Dr. Frank Alvarez made a statement in response to an article that was published in The Journal News with regards to Rye’s reassigned teacher Carin Mahler who has been reassigned for almost two years now.

Dr. Frank Alvarez’s statement is,”Given significant inaccuracies contained in a recent article in The Journal News, it is important that we clarify the record for the public and provide the community with accurate information regarding this important matter.

The article contains an erroneous representation of facts by Arthur Schwartz, the attorney representing Carin Mehler. 
In the article, Arthur Schwartz, attributes statements to the Executive Director of the State Education Department’s Test Security and Educator Integrity Unit, Tina E. Sciocchetti, which Ms. Sciocchetti has advised the District, in writing, were never made by her, to anyone, at any time. 
The District continues to work towards an appropriate resolution of this matter and will do so irrespective of the actions of Ms. Mehler’s representatives.”

Gong Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year celebration. Photo courtesy
Chinese New Year celebration.
Photo courtesy

The Chinese New Year takes place in February and in  2015 it is the year of the Sheep, in the Chinese New Year!

It is customary to say Gong Hei Fat Choi which means Happy Chinese New Year!

The date of the Chinese New Year varies each year. This 15 day celebration, begins on the first day of the new moon, and ends on the full moon. The celebration on the15th day is called the Chinese Lantern Festival.

The Chinese culture is among the oldest in the world. The Chinese culture is in their fifth millennium. In Chinese astrology, every year is represented by an animal. The cycle is twelve years, with a different animal each year. To find out about your sign, and what it says about you, see Chinese Astrology.

The Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday in the Chinese culture. The Chinese New Year is celebrated with festivities, fireworks, brightly colored lights, special meals with family and gift giving. It is almost like Christmas in the western world, most chinese travel home to be with family for the new year celebration.

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Hei Fat Choi!

Are you celebrating the Chinese New Year? If so tell Inside Rye, what you are doing to celebrate it at



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