SPI Gives a Walking Tour to Legislators at Playland

Members of SPI and Westchester County Legislators on the Boardwalk of Playland and in the background you can see the work being done on the roof of the Ice Casino.
Photo by: Pamela Stern
County Legislators asking questions to members of Central Amusements about the restructuring of the rides and amusements area.
Photo by: Pamela Stern
SPI Members discuss how the tour will be broken up by areas and what the Westchester County Board of Legislators will be seeing.
Photo by: Pamela Stern

Sustainable Playland Inc.  met with Westchester County Board Legislators earlier this morning to give them a walking tour presentation of proposed improvements to Playland.

The tour started at the boardwalk of Playland and in the photos you can see how the roof of the ice casino is being worked on.  SPI made a mention that the Playland Plunge Ride (which is a water ride) could possibly be relocated in the amusements area of the park.

The next area was the fountain plaza, where it was discussed that during phase one of the plan proposed by Sustainable Playland Inc. that the mini golf area would be removed.

Kiddyland was up next and Central Amusements discussed how they would monitor Playland during the first year and then make improvements to the amusement area by bringing in news,  more modern rides for both the Kiddyland and the rest of the amusement park. Sustainable Playland Inc. then discussed how they would like to revitalize the picnic areas in Playland and make them more, “green.” You can take a look at this video from the walking tour at http://youtu.be/9QFhgLeTofE20140318_101302

Playland’s famous Dragon Coaster.
Photo by: Pamela Stern
This is the area in the parking lot that has been proposed by SPI for the Field House and fields.
Photo by: Pamela Stern

The next areas of the tour included the proposed Field House and fields. There were cones set up in the parking lot to show actually how much of the parking lot that the field house and proposed fields would take up.    This was a big concern of the Rye community. Residents weren’t permitted to ask questions today because this was a Board of Legislators meeting.

Rye residents are encouraged to come to the meeting tomorrow(Wednesday, March 19th) at 148 Martine Ave in White Plains at 7pm on the 8th floor. This meeting is open to the public and anyone who wises to speak may do so by filling out a card prior to the start of the meeting and may only speak for three minutes.

This would be the best way to voice your comments and concerns about Playland, so that the Westchester County Board of Legislators can make an informed decision and can ask questions to SPI that concern residents.


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