Rye Arts Center is Participating in Giving Tuesday

Rye Arts Center  Photo courtesy of: ryeartscenter.org
Rye Arts Center
Photo courtesy of: ryeartscenter.org

It’s that time of the year when we are all thankful for all that we have. Now is the time to give back and help others.

Since Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday have all past, now is the time for Giving Tuesday.
This is the day to truly show your thanks for the resources that make Rye great. Please give today.


The Rye Arts Center is dedicated to providing arts opportunities to people of all ages. They have recently expanded  their Head Start program, enriching the education of over 200 under-served preschool children. Their STEAM-based opportunities, which use art and design to teach children engineering and computer science, have grown from 6 classes to 35 in just one year.

The Rye Arts Center‘s  exhibition Irving Harper: A Mid-Century Mind At Play has inspired thousands of visitors from far and wide.

Supporting the Rye Arts Center can provide art supplies for children’s programs, need-based scholarships for talented students, and computers for classrooms.

Your tax-deductible contribution keeps their doors open, their lights on, and the Rye community strong.


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